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Dapstrem Entertainment is a creative and dynamic music company that offers full-service music publishing and digital distribution services to artists, producers, music managers, label owners, and original content creators. With direct deals with most digital service providers, Dapstrem Entertainment provides fast and efficient music distribution worldwide. We also provide personalized consulting, transparent revenue tracking technology, and exclusive promotional opportunities such as playlisting. Whether you’re a new artist or an industry veteran, Dapstrem Entertainment can help you achieve your music business goals and take your career to the next level.

Our Services

Digital Distribution

Efficiently distribute your music worldwide with Dapstrem's digital distribution services. Gain access to over 200 digital stores and start earning revenue quickly.

Rights Management

Maximize revenue and maintain control over your music with Dapstrem's Rights Management services. We help you manage your copyrights and collect royalties.

Marketing & Promo

Elevate your music career with Dapstrem's Marketing & Promo services. Our experts create tailored campaigns to reach your audience and achieve your goals.

Our Team

Merrick Alvids

Phimas Josh

Yvonne Blacks




About Dapstrem

Dapstrem Entertainment is a full service music publisher & digital distribution company with headquarters in Nairobi,Kenya

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