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Digital Distribution

At Dapstrem, we distribute your music to a wide range of major digital service providers (DSPs) including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon, among many others. But our services don’t just end there. We also provide pitching and artist verification for digital stores, ensuring that you not only get maximum exposure but also present a professional image as an artist. Trust us to help improve your performance and establish your brand in the highly competitive music industry.

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YouTube Management

At Dapstrem, we provide comprehensive support for managing the complex IT space of YouTube. Our services include cross-promotion, video rights management, and channel optimization, as well as assistance in achieving #Trending status – a feat that other companies often neglect. However, to be eligible for our network, your channel must adhere to YouTube’s guidelines for producing 100% original content. Join us and take advantage of our expertise to maximize your success on YouTube.

Let us help you in every stage of your career



We provide small scale & large scale marketing solutions to your release according to your budget.All our clients get some levels of promo such as playlisting that no other distributor does.



Our digital rights management platform allows songwriters and artists to manage their music publishing and related rights. We collect from any asset you participated in creating



We are affiliated to PJMG Management our secondary company that provide professional representatives and advisors for musicians or bands. We help build an artist’s career.

Marketing Service

Our YouTube Channel

Our primary YouTube Channel is a great platform for any upcoming artist and djs to promote their new releases

Social Media

We help clients run advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to a more real audience ready to listen to their music

Google Ads (YouTube Ads)

Google Ads / Adwords maybe hell to operate and run an efficient advert but with our experience we understand how to go over it.

Publishing Service


Are you a producer,label owner or even just in the music business.We collect songwriter royalties from collaborations.

Personal releases

You may be already making money from mechanical  royalties but that is just a percentage; More money is still on the composition. 

Where we collect from

We collect from YouTube,Online Radios,Digital Streaming platforms and from other CMOS around the world such as ABRAMUS.


Management Service


Get a manager from our affiliates who can help you make solid decisions & have a good career growth.

Negotiating Contracts

We have legal affiliates who can help you in negotiating contracts; giving you clear meaning of contract terms

Setting up Tours

Organizing tours maybe hard as an artist.With the help of our Team we can provide you with Media Managers.

Ready for the next step? Get in Touch

If you need something extra not covered;kindly get intouch and we will hit you on mail

About Dapstrem

Dapstrem Entertainment is a full service music publisher & digital distribution company with headquarters in Nairobi,Kenya

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