Music Distribution

  • Priority Distribution is available at a fee of $1 per submission, ensuring a swift distribution of less than 24 hours, excluding Sundays and holidays.
  • Free distributions or non prioritized distributions have a processing time of 24 to 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

     👉 Incase of a delay, release change request kindly reach out to

You can locate your release on ODESLI and create a smart link using the following link:

Takedown Policies.
  • We will takedown copyright infringing products without notice
  • Releases taken down before 1 year will cost 2$/per release to takedown

To takedown a release use the following link

Payments & Reporting

You will receive monthly royalty statements in your email starting two months after your release date.

  1. January – End Of March
  2. February – End of April 
  3. March – End of May
  4. April – End of June
  5. May – End of July 
  6. June – End of August 
  7. July – End of September
  8. August – End of October 
  9. September – End of November 
  10. October – End of December 
  11. November – End of January 
  12. December – End February

To get a report breakdown you have to manually request them via the following link

N/B: Store your monthly reports breakdown because we do not store the breakdowns on our servers 

To be eligible for royalty payments, you must meet the following requirements:

                • Your royalty balance must be at least $50.
                • Not had copyright infringement issues exceeding 50% on your catalogue.
                • Your account must be in good standing and your label not marked as Banned or Blocked

If you meet all the requirements and need your royalties, please contact with your preferred payment method and account information

Once we receive your request, we will process your payment between 4th and 10th of the new month.

  1. January Statements sent end of March are payable between 4th – 10th of April
  2. February Statements sent end of April are payable between 4th – 10th of May
  3. March Statements sent end of May are payable between 4th – 10th of June
  4. April Statements sent end of June are payable between 4th – 10th of July
  5. May Statements sent end of July are payable between 4th – 10th of August
  6. June Statements sent end of August are payable between 4th – 10th of September
  7. July Statements sent end of September are payable between 4th – 10th of October
  8. August Statements sent end of October are payable between 4th – 10th of November
  9. September Statements sent end of November are payable between 4th – 10th of December
  10. October Statements sent end of December are payable between 4th – 10th of January
  11. November Statements sent end of January are payable between 4th – 10th of February
  12. December Statements sent end of February are payable between 4th – 10th of March
N/B: If your royalty balance is less than $50, your earnings will roll over to the next month.