Maximize Your Reach: How to Put Your Music on 24-7 as an Artist

Upload Your Music on 24-7 and Other Digital Stores with Dapstrem: Keep 100% Rights and Maximize Your Reach

1. Upload to 24-7

Upload Your Release on for Distribution on Major Streaming Services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok and More

2. Approval

Professional Release Review: Our Expert Team Ensures Your Music is Ready to Go Live on Major Streaming Platforms

3. Get Paid

Once your release is live in stores, you can track your earnings directly from our website. When you have a minimum of $50, you can start cashing out your earnings. You keep 80% of your revenue.

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Dapstrem Payouts: Understanding the Two-Month Delay for Streaming Services and Online Store Earnings with Dapstrem

Maximize Your Music Reach: Uploading to Both Streaming & Download DSPs for Personal Downloads & Streaming.