Many people would like to be part of our MCN (Multi Channel Network), which qualifies us as a company that assists channel owners in areas such as cross promotion, rights management, channel optimization and many more. Dapstrem is one of the networks of music artists, record labels, publishers and composers to be properly remunerated.

To be part of our network, we need the channel to follow the rules determined by YouTube itself: that it is producing 100% original content.

We can help you identify what content is right to produce & how to publish and share it in a daily,weekly or season-long timeline.

We provide you with our copyright control tool; Content ID to help you automatically scan YouTube Videos for content that matches your videos & apply the defined rights policy to the matching videos

We help channels that have reached the YouTube Monetization Threshold run ads & each time a viewer watches the entire ad,you get paid

We help make your business channel search friendly for both in-apps users and users who arrive through regular search engines.This increases your SERP rankings